The Essential Six
The Essential Six
The Essential Six

The Essential Six

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6 2fl. oz bottles of Essential oils


We guarantee to provide only the highest quality essential oils, where the only ingredients are the plant from which the oils are extracted.

Choose Health. Choose Nature. Choose Honest Essence to Improve your life today.

Honest Essence originated out of a struggle to find a better way to live peacefully and naturally.

Life is full of emotional storms that cause stress and anxiety and ultimately downgrade our lives. This stress not only affects our emotional well-being but can actually harm our organs and shorten our lives.

Eastern Medicine believes that every emotion is connected to an internal organ. For thousands of years, eastern culture has utilized essential oils to boost wellbeing and highten vitality.

Today it is well-known that a few drops of 100% pure essential oil can create a natural solution for almost any mind-body discomfort.